Ephyra Group | BIG 33 Football
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BIG 33 Football

Scroll down this page to view and select the logos and graphics we have to offer. Click on the corresponding links to download the file you need. NOTE: All the .ai & .eps logo files use process colors (cmyk) but mark their colors as specific global colors so they can easily be switched to a spot color.




Big33Football-Logo-flat.ai (Adobe CC 18.0) mac

Big33Football-Logo-flat.eps (Adobe CS3) mac or PC

Web or Word Usage: transparent (png)

Logos for Dark or Black Background



Big33Football-Logo-white.ai (Adobe CC 18.0) mac

Big33Football-Logo-white.eps (Adobe CS3) mac or PC

Web or Word Usage (png)



Big33Football-Logo-simple.ai (Adobe CC 18.0) mac

Big33Football-Logo-simple.eps (Adobe CS3) mac or PC

Web or Word Usage (png)

1 Color Logos for Light or Mid-tone Backgounds