Ephyra Group | Branding & Conversion: Lessons From A Local Mechanic
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Branding & Conversion: Lessons From A Local Mechanic

When optimizing a website for conversion, we often focus on direct response. But there`s another side. Here are branding lessons from an auto mechanic.

Source: blog.crazyegg.com

This is a great example of how even small businesses can benefit from an internal alignment approach to branding. Without internal alignment, most any time and money spent on outward-bound marketing is wasted.

Brand positioning and internal branding go hand in hand. Or, at least, they should. After all, the process is about aligning what happens inside the company with the world around it, harmonizing the brand and the company’s identity. It is not merely what the company says (in its advertising and/or other communications) that counts, but what it does and what it reveals of itself, since these things are indicative of its true nature. Any promises that a company makes to the outside world are only credible if they are backed by the people who must ultimately deliver them.

“The baseline of any brand is the actual product/service itself. Once you have that down, use trust, convenience, and meaningful extras to get customers coming back time and time again.”

My favorite line from the article: “If you can surprise your customer, you’ve already won.”