Ephyra Group | Branding Success Story: Squeeky Cheese is a Hit!
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Branding Success Story: Squeeky Cheese is a Hit!

Selling cheese isn’t exactly sexy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a powerful brand that connects with your customers. Just look at one Ephyra Group client, the York Valley Cheese Company who is on track to becoming a fierce competitor to a longstanding American staple – the fried mozzarella stick.

In June, this Hallam, Pennsylvania-based company began distributing Breaded Homestyle Squeeky Cheese curds. You heard that name right, “Squeeky Cheese.” We helped them create the product name, logo and branding to complement this unique snack food and launch it into a highly competitive market. And the result?

The majority of establishments that carry Squeeky Cheese say that it has quickly surpassed fried mozzarella sticks in popularity. Between their bite-sized shape and memorable name, customers deem them to simply be “more fun” – and fun sells!

These bite-sized gooey balls of cheese have restaurants singing – or should we say “squeeking” their praises!

There are a ton of fun, goofy and delicious products out there that fail to make a splash in the market. Why is Squeeky Cheese different? The York Valley Cheese Company case shows us that even with a great product or idea, the difference between success or failure can come down to how you brand yourself and how well that brand aligns with your target audience.

We knew that Squeeky Cheese needed to reach the same taste buds that enjoy fried mozzarella sticks, so that’s exactly how we strategically targeted their branding.

We helped York Valley Cheese Company first define their audience as the same folks who dine in bars and restaurants and eat at food trucks. They are the ones who are most likely out there looking for an alternative to fried mozzarella sticks. Squeeky Cheese isn’t meant to be a high-class appetizer on the menu next to Escargot. Rather, it’s a comfort food, a simple indulgence that is best complemented by pizza and hoagies and best enjoyed by the people who crave all of these foods.

What this client success story demonstrates about effective branding is that knowing your target audience and aligning your brand with what makes them tick, lays the foundation for a successful marketing strategy. And when it comes to Squeeky Cheese, you might just say that our smart branding is what really gives it the “squeak!”

York Daily Record: York Valley Cheese Co. finding strong demand for its Squeeky Cheese