Ephyra Group | How a Creative Agency and Piping a Cupcake Go Hand in Hand
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How a Creative Agency and Piping a Cupcake Go Hand in Hand

How a Creative Agency and Piping a Cupcake Go Hand in Hand

In particular, a few weeks ago at the Harrisburg Regional Chamber & CREDC’s Annual Business Expo, we answered: How to Pipe a Cupcake.


To some passerbys, our booth was thought to belong to a bakery or some company to jump on the latest cupcake train.

To their surprise, we weren’t either.

We quickly explained, that we’re a creative agency that put a fun twist on what we do daily and applied it to learning how to piping a cupcake.


By creating intrigue, with bright colored boxes and editable take aways, we were able to start explaining our company and capture each visitor’s name to personalize a box for their cupcake.


Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 1.19.32 PM

While personalizing each box, we worked with each visitor to understand their preferences. Chocolate or vanilla cake, purple or green icing, sprinkles or no sprinkles.

The result, a delicious masterpiece!

Our booth was then marketed to other expo attendees as visitors to our booth carried their masterpieces around.

Our process is simple and consists of:

Listening and learning
how we can help our clients meet their goals or bring their ideas to life.

Developing solutions
that compliment the goals and ideas we learned from listening.

Sharing stories
with the world.

We’d love to meet you and see how we can help your company.