Ephyra Group | Naming Your Business? Consider These 3 Points First
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Naming Your Business? Consider These 3 Points First

Finding the right name can make or break your business. (RT @igornaming: Naming a Product or Company?

Source: www.entrepreneur.com

Step 1 of building a great brand: Create a great name! Here’s a great article outlining some do’s and don’ts when choosing a name for your business. “A good name has layers of meaning and association, evokes emotion and is easy to pronounce.”

And stop with the cute shortened names already, “It’s a mistake to be quirky for the sake of it. When startups choose names like kwkly or qwerly, all they are thinking about is whether the name is unique, without regard for how it looks to the world. Your name has to be different for a good reason. And we need to be able to spell it.”