Ephyra Group | APSCUF
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About This Project

APSCUF is a good example of how we get involved with internal alignment. We were originally brought in to redesign their website. In the course of that redesign, we discovered that their membership tracking system was a disconnected mess.


Each location had its own system, totaling 15 different systems, all of which were cumbersome and hard to use. They were like 15 different boats going in 15 different directions and didn’t care who they rammed into along the way. Losing sight of the organization’s goals.


We put them all in the same boat and pointed them in the right direction, all working together like a proper crew with a common destination. We created a centralized system, merging everything into one platform that provides consistent and accurate data-collection, real-time information and reporting and eliminated all the time wasted to manual processes so, they can focus on their core purpose, servicing their membership.

Data Management