Ephyra Group | Web Development
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Web Development

The importance of online and mobile presence… Ephyra Group has a very different approach to website development. Unlike other companies who submit lengthy proposals, specifications documents, scope documents, and other things that just make everyone waste time, talk in the air about things that can’t really be planned in a creative process such as features, goals, milestones etc.


We work with an iteration process which is much more efficient, powerful, real, and in general produces results rather than wordy technical documents. So instead of spending weeks discussing a specs document back and forth and finalizing a proposal for a website project, we spend a short amount of time putting a framework in place and implementing a few design concepts for the landing page and take it from there. In less time it would take to review and approve a bunch of specification and requirement documents (which nobody really reads anyway), we’ll have the main design approved for a beta launch, and most of the design concepts for the entire project.